How to shoot like scorsese...ish ;)

Ready for Ninja Mode! Great! Follow these cool techniques!


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Ninja level shooting

1- Best Camera is the one you know how to use

No need to go fancy, use the camera you are most familiar with. Of course go with the best quality camera possible, but comfort and knowledge of the equipment is essential!

2- using a smart phone? alwAys shoot landscape

Landscape is the way to go when using a smart phone. Click here for some GREAT tips on shooting using a smartphone... really it's worth checking out!

3- Framing... a little to the left or right

Frame your subject a little to the left or a little to the right of your screen. Avoid placing your subject in the middle of the screen or too far away.

SHOOT LIKE SCORSESE TIP: Make your subject comfortable by asking easy questions first. It'll make it easier to capture emotion!

MAKE SURE YOU CAN SEE the white of your subject's eyes! 


Shaky footage can be distracting, unless it's intended, like in an action shot... Keep that shot steady by using a tripod.

Using a smartphone? Check out this great steady cam hack using a paper cup!

5- light & Shade... but no shadows

Best time to shoot: Early morning or in the late evening.

Middle of the day shoot hack: Shade is your best buddy! Buildings and clouds can create great shade, but be weary of trees, they sometimes let light in and can make your subject look spotty.

Bright faces not bright backgrounds: We want our light source to be facing our subject and not be behind them... think of the sun as a proud parent looking at their child, and not standing behind them stealing the show.


6- Hold that shot!

Hold your shot 5 seconds after you got what you needed... The extra footage is essential for editing the material.

7- this video! 

Want more? This 4-minute video has all the "HOW Tos" of our tips list!

using a DSLR?

As much as possible shoot at the widest setting. For most DSLRs that would be 1080p

Close up...Get a shallow depth of field

A focused subject with a blurred background is money!  

1) Place your subject as far from their background as possible

2) Also, if you can lower your f-stop you will create that "movie look"

Check out this great tutorial from on how to create great depth of field using ANY camera!

Got questions or comments?

Stars and backgrounds

Help both your stars and backgrounds look great

We want to see those lovely faces... let's keep hats, sunglasses and dirt (unless the dirt helps tell the story) off of the subjects face :)

1- Ze Face

2- Clothing: Plain is best

Plain clothing with no writing or logos keeps the focus on the subject and not what they are wearing.

3- distraction-free background

Look for any distractions in your background... clothing on a clothes line, a person standing in the background, garbage on the ground... If it distracts from the story, change the shot or tidy up.

Make sure we have the permission from every participant. If they are a minor we must have the gardians permission. BTW most camps already have the participants permission, just check with your camp's administration first.

4- Participant permission

7 shooting TIPS

We don't want you to get too bogged down by technique, that's why we created this easy Do's and Don'ts list!

Unless your subject is standing holding a sign, shoot in 60 frames per sec, it looks amazing!!! Click on the following links on how/examples :

- DSLR 60 fps : Even if you're not shooting with a DSLR... these types of shots can be done with all cameras

- iPhone 60 fps : Learn how to set your settings, as well as be inspired by the cool vid

- GoPro 60 fps : This entire video of Tibet was shot using a GoPro

shooting action? Shoot 60 FPS

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